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Flood Pumping

24 hour emergency flood pumping and salvage services.

Thruxton Fire and Rescue Service have many years’ experience with dealing with flooding Incidents.


We are serving local authority fire fighters and are fully aware of working with the environment agency and their procedures.


We can provide anything from a submersible pump to large portable pumps with support crew and four wheel drive response vehicles.


For the larger incidents we can supply fully operational fire appliances with can pump 2,500 litres per minute with associated equipment.


We can move large volumes of water away with our 9000 Litre water carrier.


All crews are fully competent in the equipment used and trained to a minimum of level one and two water rescue.


We carry waders, full immersion suits and life jackets on all of our vehicles as well as water rescue equipment and emergency lighting.


The largest  incident  that we assisted  with  took place  in  Gloucestershire,  along with most of the UK it received an abnormal amount of rain fall causing one of the worst floods that the county had seen for many years.  Thruxton fire and rescue service was tasked with providing fresh drinking water to the residents of the county with its water carrying Vehicles.  Thruxton Fire and Rescue Service were also tasked with supplying additional water carrying vehicles for the incident which was achieved. 


Thruxton Fire and Rescue Service worked closely with Severn Trent water and the military to ensure residents received fresh drinking water and achieved this task.


Thruxton  Fire and Rescue Service not only maintains a Fire Station at one of the busiest private Airfields in the south  we also have a resilience package and work with a major local Authority to provide resilience cover.  We also have supplied the Film and TV industry with protection for over 15 years.


We pride ourselves on being a professional Fire and Rescue service with a strong corporate image.

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